Animated Brian

There has been very little time these days to update the blog as I have recently started a 2 hour commute to an animation studio in Toronto that does various shows. While there I am doing some background paintings for the show as well as designing or rendering various props to be used thoughout the scenes. The background painting was a no brainer for me as I am quite familar with Photoshop (Even though we only use paths to create our images...can you say 1 millions layers per background!) The props, which I have been working on this week, are all done in Adobe Flash. Flash and I haven't got along with each other for a very long time. Unfortunaltely, I had to kiss and make up with it this week and learn all its deep and dark secrets so I could draw 8 million variations of a dress. A dress on a hanger, being held, being thrown, being washed, being held from the opposite view, now 3/4 get the picture. Such is the life of animation! Still, there better not be any dresses next week! and I made a new friend... her name is Flash.

It is cool to hang around so many other artists. People who think in the same terms as you do and have very highly developed senses of humour. Or maybe its very crude senses of humour?

As for the show I'm working on, well its a new show, so hush-hush for now!

All is revealed here!

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