SeaDrift Soap Unboxing

Today I received my order for "Deep Clean and Stoned!" soap from an Etsy store owned and operated by Podcaster extraordinaire Tony C. Smith. Tony is well known for his podcast Starshipsofa and the Districts of Wonder Family of podcasts.

This is perhaps one of the coolest soaps I have seen. It arrived beautifully packaged in a burlap cloth stamped with the SeaDrift Soap Sea horse emblem.

I'll update you with a review after a few tests. I am already happy that the soaps are fragrent free as I find most commmercial brands add to much fragrance to most products we consume.

UPDATE: I 've tried 3 of the Seadrift Soaps so far. I 've really enjoyed their Activated Charcoal Soap and particularly their all natural fragrance free soap.